Vikki Bramshaw is an author specialising in pre-Abrahamic religion and esoteric traditions. Some of her passions are religious history, theurgy, initiatory rites, trance and magic. Vikki has been committed to studying and working with authentic ritual and magic since 1998 and has extensively trained with a number of occult groups and magic-workers throughout her life including the Alexandrian tradition, the Dionysian Mysteries, the Egyptian Mysteries and Traditional Witchcraft.

Her first book, 'Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide' was published with John Hunt Publishing in 2009 (recently revised and republished with Avalonia Books, 2018) after which Vikki wrote for several anthologies with Avalonia including Swaying with the Serpent (featured in Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, 2010) and 'The Scorpion & the Bridal Bed' (featuring in VS: Thou Art That - That Thou Art, 2011). Her second book, 'Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy', was published in 2013 and explored the numerous facets of the god Dionysos, revealing the hidden faces of the thrice-born god and the extent of his influence in the mysteries of the ancient world. Vikki has completed several courses as part of her ongoing research, including The Origins of Human Behaviour with Oxford University. As well as spending a great deal of her time researching and writing, Vikki also holds a number of workshops throughout the year and speaks at a range of events about paganism, magic, ritual and religious history. 


She lives in the New Forest in the South of England, with her son. 


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